Taking Depa's candle and implimenting into my lights

The next stage in the process of interior lighting, was getting together with Depa at university, and taking her candle from her and importing it into each of the light sets that i had created which required it. The candle was made up from an emitter, three point lights and a directional light, which all had different light intensities to simulate the glow of a candle. Depa did not manage to get the candle to flicker, however this is one of our main focuses to ensure we get the flicker sorted out for the degree show.

The candle she gave me gave my scenes a good edge to them, they gave a lovely glow to the edges of objects within the scene, and caused nice reflections on things such as the grandfather clock face. This layer of light has definitly improved the shots as a whole.

Below are some screen shots of her candle's lights, and also some shots where her candle has been used along side my lights to give the scene an extra edge to it.

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