The books and bookshelves

The next challenge i was faced with was the texturing of the books. I initially modelled all the books, and layed them out how i wanted, however i ran into a snag because i realised that i hadnt UV mapped the books before i did that and i would need to UV map the books, and texture them before duplicating them, so a lot of my work at this point i found redundant, and i will definitly learn from this mistake in the future. However, i then proceeded to produce a UV and texture map for the book, i wanted a variety of books, so i decided to produce the same book, and change the colours, giving the illusion of differnt books. I did not feel this vital, having a mass variety of books, because they are going to be a very much secondary background piece of art in the film, and not too much attention is going to be payed to them. I chose the colours, red, blue and green. I desaturated the texture that i made for the book, and applies three different coloured textures to three different books. The reason for the dsaturation, was to keep the books in continuity with the rest of the textures in the scene, they would look very much out of place in the rustic setting otherwise. I then duplicated the books, and spread them around the bookshelves in a chaotic manner, with some books facing the wrong way, and some upside down, and wonky. This was very deliberate, i wanted to create a feeling of clutter around the house, as if everything in her home was irrelevant, drawing more attention towards the center piece in the middle of the room, which is the holy bible and the lectern.

The finished books looked very nice in my opinion, they have a real rustic feel to them, and lok rather old, and tattered while still creating that realistic effect. I feel i did well in regards to the books.
I only produced three books, as i had marios' books also to composite in the scene, so i thought there wouldnt be much point for more than three.

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