Diogo was supposed to be creating a shatter effect on our ink pot, however he got stuck because of his buggy version of Maya, so i offered to help him now that all my lighting is done. I managed to create the shatter after watching a great tutorial online. The dynamics really got on my nerves, because they are so buggy, and you really have to take care that your whole mesh is spotless, and cleaned up with all the history deleted for the shatter effect to even have a chance of working. Anyway, i managed to get it working on the ink pot, and ive given it back to Dieogo, so that he can use it in his animation, instead of the sphere he was using. That way he can add his previous gravity fields to this new shatter pot, so that its the same as before, only with the new improved pot :)

i used a cloud particle emitter and linked them to push the polygons in a way that looked like an explosion. If you look at the videos below youll see a little fun test i did with green smoke bellowing out of the pot as it explodes. I just did it as a test to show Diogo.

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