Lighting individual shots (ALEX's Cameras)

Alex has been doing some animation on the character lately, and hes given me the first pass animation to work from to start lighting the interior scenes.
Hes given me shots 5-20 to start lighting, and i have been using spot lights and point lights to try to get a nice shadowed look to the right areas of the room. At the moment i have been using white lights only, just to establish the areas where i need light, i will branch out soon and test with colored light to make the scene feel more warm and homely, because at the moment it looks very chilling with a very cool colour palette.


As discussed before, i have gone on to start to experiment with coloured lights. I am aware that Depa is working on a candle to give the scene a lovely glow, however, this alone i do not feel will be adequate to light the scene, so i have decided to implement in some orange lights to emulate a warm aura coming from where the candle will be. Here are some of the results i got

I'm delighted with the results of these, however i do feel adding Depa's candle will still highly improve the shots. The candle will give a glow to the edges of things in the scene and give a source point for my own point lights, this will make the shots look more realistic.

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