The grandfather clock

I have been allocated the task of modelling texturing and animating the grandfather clock scene. i started off modelling with some reference of a grandfather clock i found online. I was told that the grandfather clock didn't need to be anything in particular, as long as it looked like a clock, and could be recognized as a clock, so i basically had a free range of what i could do with this little sub project.

I based the shape purely upon one i found that i liked on a Google image search, i found this was the most efficient way of doing things. Once modelled, i set about trying to light the model. This is what proved most difficult. I tried several attempts at doing this. The problem was that i needed to animate the light so that it looked like there was a change in time during the day, this proved very difficult. Initially i installed a Sun and Sky system t the scene file, and tried to produce a change in light with the rotation of the S&S tool. However this didn't give me the desired effect that i wanted. I then thought about manually animating a point light, around the clock so it gave the illusion of a sun rising and a sun setting. I tested this method and it worked fantastically well. I then went on to add shadow to the scene and gave the light a nice harsh shadow which worked very well in showing a change in light.

I then went about UV mapping the clock, using planar mapping, as this was the most efficient way of mapping something of this shape and size. I then applied my textures i made to the clock.
Below is a render of the clock's light, i am very pleased with the way this turned out. On top of the render we are planning to do some post production, to fade in and out the librarian at work, as the clock changes times and states of daylight, it would give the effect of the message that time is passing, and a monotonous repetitive task that the librarian endures every day.

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