Prop modelling

Started some prop modelling for both the inside and outside environments, this was the next stage, i sent each of the props i made to Depa, the director, jsut to make sure she was OK with them, which thankfully she was. Below is a selection of the ones i modelled, I am planning to model quite a few more, although i have the help of Marios, for prop modelling. We are going to need a lot of props though because of the clutter that needs to be within the house.

My favourite so far is probably the ladder, it looks most like what i pictured in my head, and the model gives a very nice uneven-rickety feel to it, which is definitly what i was looking for. I think most of these props will look nicer once i get a texture on them, and a bump map to some of them, t the moment they are looking a little flat, because they are pretty simple models.

I saw an example of a candle that Depa modelled earlier, and it made me want to model one, also it gave me an opportunity to use a modelling style i had always wanted to use but never found a reason to use it. i used booleans tool to create the shapes within the candle to give it the perception of uneven surface of wax. I really enjoyed using this tool, as it allows you to get a really precise model.

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