Lighting tests (Appropriate to project)

Here are a few of my tests that i produced using the sun and sky system on a test scene that i set up quickly. I achieved these by tweaking the settings within the system.
I want to create a moody, dusky sky, which does not emit too much light, very much similar to the exposure of light in the first picture below, however this picture has too much yellow in the sky, which gives it a more of a dawn feel, i will be looking to create a red-pink sky instead.

I have been able to get a red tint in the sky system, after fiddling with the RBG controls, these are very sensitive, so its very hard to determine what levels you must put them at.

Here is an image of me tweaking the gamma settings in the sun and sky system to get a different contrast of lighting.

I started playing with added lights on top of the S&S system to give the lighting a more balanced feel.

I have also taken steps today towards testing the interior lighting for the scene, however i feel very uncomfortable with this, and i will need to look more into this before attempting on the scene file.

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