Summary of my year

I have learned an amazing amount this year. I set myself the challenge of pushing my boundaries, and to go past my comfort zone, to explore things i knew nothing about. A combination of working with people who i really like working with, and the fact that we set ourself a really challenging project from the outset, meant that there was a great potential for me to really enjoy myself whilst creating something i can be proud of. I am very happy that our project turned out the way it did, and i knew it would from the fact that the people who were working on the project were so dedicated to it from the start. I definitely feel that i have benefited from this year immensely, and have learned an awesome amount about all sorts of things. I feel i have gained good knowledge in Lighting, and i aim to continue exploring this area in future projects. I also feel i have become better at modelling and texturing. Putting into comparison the skills i had at the beginning of the third year, to the skills i now have at the end of the third year, i have been filled with confidence for the future, in any which way i choose to pursue.

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