UV mapping the environment/props

I went on to do some UV mapping for the things i had built, i decided this was the next stage, before texturing, i used a majority of planar and automatic mapping to UV map my models. Depending on the model, the different type of mapping was chosen. For example the shell of the house below, i used automatic mapping which broke down the sides of the house for me. Since this is a fairly nice shaped building i thought this was the best method to use. I then went on the arrainge the uvS so that they could be exported into Photoshop and a texture layed over the top.

I uv mapped each of my models that i made, some were easier than others. The watch strap that i UVed proved very difficult. However, i found the shell of the building a very nice thing to texture, because of its flat edges. I found uV mapping quite the challenge as i had only ever done UV mapping once before, as a test, and taking it into practice was harder than i imagines, especially for the organic shaped models, like the pumpkin.

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