Interior modelling

I went into uni last week to sort the floor plan out with Depa and Yemi, we decided upon it, and i started modelling the finished interior, i thought that the best way to creatively design it, was to dive in at the deep end and just start it. That way if any tweaks need to be done they can be done at a later stage.

I have got the basic 4 walls in place, and the roof, i am going to start filling out the shelves as the next step...

UPDATE: Shelves

Started to model the shelves now, i am filling them out with books. I have asked Depa and she wants this area of the room to look very cluttered, especially as the profession of the character is a librarian, we'd expect her to have loads of books!

note: Thought the best way to do this, was to model one book, scale it to around three differnt sized books, duplicate and repeat, and that way its not too much hastle to fill out the shelves! :)

UPDATE: Progress

I got around to doing a large bulk of the interior modelling this week, and i also got a lot of the props off of Marios... There are some screen shots of what the finished-ish model of the interior is starting to look like!
Probably still going to be a few tweaks when i come to texturing it, but i am very pleased at the moment, particularly with the way the props me and marios made seeming to fit nicely with one and other, and nothing looks out of place.

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