Interior texturing

Ive now started the bulk of the texturing on the interior. i started off with the walls, and made sure i had a suitabletexture for them, as you can see in the pictures below. i wanted a very specific texture for the wood, i needed it to look somewhat realistic, whilst still upholding a feeling of a painted texture, and i think i have achieved this. Depa told me she wanted the whole look to feel washed, and desaturated, as this would look nicely with the lighting scheme we are going to be working towards, and i feel i have done a good job of achieving this so far.

After sorting the textures for the wall, i went to texture the main beam structures in the room, the horizontal beams supporting the room, and the roof beams themselves.

Once the bulk of the interior texturing as complete, i started to import all the textured props that me and marios had produced, into the scene, starting with the ladder, and barrels. At this point the room started to take a nice shape, and the clutter that i have been talking about started to appear, and bulk out the room.

I made some ropes, that i then added on to the horizontal beams, as i felt i needed an object or two in there to break up this mid section of the room. I felt there were too many horizontal working things, with the bookshelves on the back wall, as well as the beams. The ropes that i put in break the shot up a little more, giving it more realism.

I debated with myself as to what to do wit the floorboards in the room, i knew that i could have a flat texture, and bump map it, to give it the illusion of raised floor boards, however i tested this and it did not do it justice, so i individually sculpted each floor board to give it a more 3d feel.

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