My first 3 shots

Shot 1
The camera will start at a distance from the house, positioned on the right hand side of the screen. The camera will then pan in slowly on a curve towards to window on the top floor of the house. All the time this is going on, a leaf is gently floating from the top of the screen, into view, and meets the camera at the window, where it gently floats through.

Shot two is from inside the house, the camera is positioned on the top floor of the house, to the back/right of the lectern facing the window. The camera will slowly zoom towards the top edge of the bible on the lectern, whilst exaggerating the main focus, that being the leaf that has floated through the window, and past the bible, out of shot.

Shot three is an aerial view of the bible, the camera zooms into a passage in the bible, where it then holds its pose for a second or two.

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