Floor plan/ Layout ideas

This week had a few complications with communication, which is rare, but anyway i needed a floor plan off of Depa for the way she wanted the interior to be layed out, i played about with this a lot, i needed to make sure continuity ran throughout the project, so the interior definitely needed to look like it could be accommodated within the building we show as the exterior.
At the moment, my best idea is to use a window to bridge the gaps in the two environments, this would allow it to be used as a portal from one world into another in theory.

i went about trying to design the floor plan myself, came up with a few ideas which can be seen below, however at the moment feel as if these ideas give too much space within the house, i want it to have a much more warmly cramped feel about it, so ill need to do something about this. Also there is the fact that i need to come up with a good way to fill the building, i need to work out what things go where, and will probably need to model a lot of 'clutter' to bulk out the building, if i want it to have that very warm homely and rustic feel to it. I am going to refer to images on Depa's blog for reference for this, there are a few nice pictures on there which will help me get a better idea...

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