Taking on lighting

Its time for lighting now... I have never done lighting before, however i have been researching it for Dan's unit, and i think i have got the basics of it pinned down.

Basically what i have to do is create the lighting sets for each of the 25 shots that we are producing. The lights are going to need to be tweaked for each shot, however i think this is do-able.
Depa has taken on the task of creating dynamics for a candle, which will emit light from a flame, this will be a nice added touch to my finished lighting and we can add these two together to get the finished lighting sets.

My Lighting jobs

  • Shots 1-3
Potential problems may be getting the sky-dome/sky system working as i want.

  • Shots 4-25
Potential problems may be inconsistencies of lighting between shots, because the shots are so close together this may be noticeable.

I will approach the lighting with an open mind, and see what i can come up with, whilst learning very much along my journey.

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