Lighting individual shots (DIOGO's Cameras)

Diogo has the responsibility for the last set of shots, i got given these shots recently and was asked to light them. The major difference between what i had been asked before, and what i was being asked now, was that i was under strict instructions for how to light it. I felt that with my experience from lighting Alex's shots, i was capable of doing this to the standard that Depa demanded. She specifically wanted a ray of light, coming down from above hilighting the 'globules' on the floor, she wanted the light to be of contrasting colour to what it has been throughout the shots, to hilight the significance of what is about to happen, and she also wanted inside the hilighted spotlight to be the main focus of the shot, and therefor wash the rest of the shot out with shadow. I agreed to do this, and i thought her ideas were for the best, this is how my shots for Diogo's scenes went.

Im happy with the outcome of these shots, the glow i get from the top of the doves in one of the shots is probably my favourite, as i think it does a good job of making the doves look important.

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