Whats my involvment?

I am at that stage in the project where we have had discussions about what roles we are all taking on individually.

My main goal this year is to push myself, and to take on responsibility way out of my comfort zone, for example to take on a responsibility for something i literally know nothing about yet. I feel doing this will progress me as an artist and as a person in general.

I have agreed to take on a lot of work for Leap of Faith, however in some areas the responsibilities are shared. I feel that with my roles, the whole finished artistic look relies upon me to get correct, as some stages of the animation will be modelled, UV mapped, textured, lit and rendered by me alone. Particularly the first three shots of the film, which could be argued as very important in establishing the audience interest.

My Roles

  • Interior Environment
  • Exterior Environment
  • Several props
  • Interior Environment
  • Exterior Environment
  • Several Props
UV Mapping
  • Interior Environment
  • Exterior Environment
  • Several Props
  • Interior Environment (With exception to candle dynamics which Depa is doing)
  • Exterior Environment
  • Individual shot light sets (25 shots)
  • Grandfather clock
  • Shot 1-3 (Leaf falling/Leaf sweeping inside/Zoom into bible)
  • Curtain animation
  • Render Passes (with Depa & Alex)

UPDATE June'11

Diogo was having trouble getting shatter effects on to the Ink pot i provided him with, due to this i decided to try to do the shatter effect myself, which i was able to do, and then hand on to him, to add gravity fields and realism to the shot.

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