Once the summer was up, it was time to go back to uni, We had a presentation to pitch our potential third year projects to the course leaders. I had come up my windy day pitch, however I knew that my heart wasn't set on working on the project. I had been collaborating all summer with Depa who had initially come up with a very extensive project plan and idea for a third year film. She named it Leap of Faith. after briefing me on it during summer I had immediately agreed to work on the project with her during the third year on the consideration that the film was green lit by the tutors. Once Depa had pitched LOF to the tutors and we received feedback, the film was not initially green lit, maybe because of the extensive detail that the film went into and maybe some of the ides were not clear to the tutors at this point in time, However Depa received very positive feedback from many of our classmates and there was a lot of interest surrounding the project. The project would have to be limited to a shorter running time so we had the idea to make it into a short trailer for the actual film. We started research In to who would be interested on working on the films with us. Yeti approached us within the first hour saying that he would be willing to collaborate with us. And there was also interest from marries, however he was keeping his options open due to wanting to work on his own individual project. We now had four people on board, and we knew we were capable of coming up with something good. We designated job roles on the project, and personally I wanted to work on environment modelling, texturing and lighting. With Depa taking on the role of director, and character modeller, and Yemi also saying that he would provide character modelling, we still needed a person to deal with the majority of the character animation as well as a person to deal with the visual effects. Depa had previously seen some work from Alex., and knew that he was more than capable of good character animation, so she approached him to ask whether he would like to be on the project. He agreed, and this was a excellent result for us because he was very enthusiastic about the project, as well as being very professional and accomplished in character animation. The only role left to feel before our group was fully assembled was somebody to deal with the visual effect and dynamics within Maya toasted the later stage of the project. Depa had been keeping in regular contact with Diogo since last year, and heard news that he would be coming back towards the end of the first term. This was Dieogo's area of expertise so this was a great result for the group.
The group had now been assembled and the majority of the Concept work had already been produced during the summer. I had also done some test visuals for the project to see if my way of thing was in sync with what Depa was looking for for the project. She was happy with the results of my modelling, and from here on we could start to model the environment and character immediately because all of the concept work had been previously done. Me Depa and Yemi started to model and the project was underway...

Some Emails UPDATES


This email from November is when we set up as a group, there are a few people in this email who dropped out due to other commitments, we needed to cut the group down also, as originally we had far too many people on board for the size of the project. Depa made team cuts, and we made the group smaller.


This email is form Depa outlining the individual tasks needed to be complete by a certain date, the team collaborated very well through email, and Facebook, we found this was the best medium to stay in contact, although Depa was contacting people on a regular basis through text/phone calls.


This is an email from march, we took on board another person to the group, Diego was now on board as well as Clym who was doing some rigging for us, this email shows the collaboration between the group, clear precise messages about what is expected from each team member.


This email is from April, another update to show the progress of the collaboration, and another Email from Depa outlining what is needed by what date. This way of contact i found very efficient, it allowed everybody to stay in regular contact, and everybody had eachothers contact details which was vital in ensuring the collaboration along the animation pipeline stayed in sync.

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