Reseach is going to be key to whether my involvement in the project is good or bad. At this stage in time, 5 weeks into the year i know nothing about Lighting, However i have taken it upon myself to conduct the majority of the lighting for the project. This may be a crazy move, however as i stated before, i wanted to throw myself in at the deep end, and challenge myself to learn. I don't feel i pushed myself hard enough during the first and second years, and if i was honest with myself, i thought i was wasting my opportunity at university somewhat during the first 2 years, down to the fact i found myself too scared to try new things that were outside of my comfort zone.

Lighting is going to be the main research area, i feel i am capable of modelling, and texturing efficiently enough for this project, but lighting not so capable.

It was literally a case of starting from the beginning, researching into different types of lgihts within maya and seeing how they effected the objects around them. I found some useful tutorials online which helped with this.

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