Group Choices

The project was underway, and i had chosen the project i wanted to work on. I made a specific conscious choice to work on Depa's project, however at this stage i wonder whether or not i will have enough work to fill out the criteria needed for submission. There is always the options of working on other people's films or produce my own film, however this will greatly limit my artistic input on Leap of Faith.

I have decided after talking with the group and establishing my group roles for the third year that i will have sufficient work to support submission at the end of the year. I have purposely taken on a large quantity of work for the project, and Depa has ensured me that she will work along side me to try to translate her concept work into my own 3d design, however leaving me with enough room to stamp my own artistic style and input on the project.

I chose not to pursure any other group project after speaking to a couple of people who were on the course last year. Although we are encouraged to diversify, and branch out and work on more than one film, they told me that there is really no point, and it will just add more stress, and not necessarily up your grade. I also like the responsibility that comes with working on Leap of Faith, because it is my sole project, i am taking on the role of producer, and help to make exective decisions with the director Depa, about what happens in terms of the artistic style.

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