The Summer...

This summer i was assigned the task of coming up with a project idea that i could take into the thrid year. Initially i met up with people who i wanted to work with in the third year and later on found out that we could not start collaborating this early on in the process, so i had to come up with my own brief idea.

I wanted to keep my story very simple, and have an aspect of comedy. i I came up with a very simple storyline of a hat that comes to life, to torment his owner, in a cheeky and lighthearted mischevious way. I wanted to keep the cheekiness very lighthearted to make sure the story didnt turn dark.
I set to work on an idea for a third year film, I came up with a quirky, and simple idea of producing a short animation about an old man, who one day when on the way to the shops along his road, has his hat blown off by the wind. As he goes to retrieve the hat from the floor, it shuffles along a little more in the wind, so it is always just out of his grasp. Soon he comes to the realization that the hat has a personality, and it is infact alive! the hat then goes on to mock the old man and play silly games with him, teasing him because the old man can not catch him. The old man soon retires, and looks upset, and he retreats to a nearby park bench. This is when the hat has the feeling of regret, and looks upset that he has caused the old man distress, so he leaps up on to the man's head, and the two sit there happily together with a smile on their face.
This idea came to me one day when thinking about how inanimate objects may have a personality of their own, as if they were alive. In my idea i felt it was important to try to convey a sense of personality to the hat, and also try to give the story a little bit of a moral, as well as just being about a bit of fun, short animation.
Along side this project, i was also in the stages of collaborating with other people. i knew from the previous year that i wanted to work with Depa, as we made quite a good working team the previous two yeas we had worked together, i felt we were efficient, and the work we did had a nice balance of her ideas, and mine interlinked. For the first term pitch however, we were unable to show collaboration, and we had to have our own idea, and it was after this point that my Windy day idea about the man with the hat took back stage, and i continued to work on Depa's idea.
The summer was fruitful in terms of what work i got done in preparation to the third year. I was working along side Depa throughout the summer, and producing concepts, and models for her to look at in preparation for a third year film pitch she had devised. Her plan was to make a film loosly based on religion, and emulating in a moral of when sombody is at their lowest point, they still have the capacity to be saved, and redeemed. I produced a schedule in the first term which can be seen above, this was a loose representation of what my third year would be like, and how i was going to break it down, this schedule will be reworked some time later in the year, for more precise dates/times.

Below are some pictures of my research, and work that i conducted during the summer, as well as this i produced a story board.

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