The Project Brief

The project brief encourages us to participate across groups, however this is not necessary. We are required to work within a group environment to produce a production standard animated short, we can work on several, or one film, however at the time when it comes to assess our performance, we are required to hand in on disk three folders of work as follows

Animation Artist Technical

The three folders can consist of many different things, however, we must choose one of the three folders to be our strongest folder, in which more of the marks will be designated towards this folder when assessing. Below are the things which can be included within the three folders.

At first glance, there is a huge variety of work that can possibly go into a folder, however looking at it, my first reaction is one of being daunted, although we are not required to fill each of the sub criteria, we are expected to have some work in each of the three folders. Before this year i have had no experience of any technical aspects of the work, however i am very keen to learn lighting and dynamics. The only folder which appeals to me at the current is the artistic, where i feel i can do well with my modelling and texturing, which are bound to only get better as i progress and learn more things this year. The animation folder is looking very uneasy with me also, i do not feel comfortable with character animation. I have shied away from character animation as much as possible since it was compulsory in the first year, however, the prospect of prop animation appeals to me.

Shot Breakdown of Leap of Faith

(Taken from Depa's Blog)


v TLeaf falling from the sky with slow suspense music piano music - 6 second - Fade out qtr of a sec.

v Leaf falls into opening scene of the house as it zooms in. Ariel perspective.

v Camera follows leaf into the Cottage window past the Librarian who is studying her book.

v Pages turn from the book as the breeze enters through the window. The leaf continues to fall past the book and out of the screen.

v Close up of book Ariel perspective. Page of the bible. Close up of bible passage.

v Get a perspective shot of the inkpot camera zooms in as a shimmer moves around the bottle to make it look magical and to sow a seed to the audience that there is something special about this ink pot.

v Long shot of the camera looking up at the lectern. Evening light shines on the book candle flickers.

v Zoom and pans to the owl.

v The camera pans out to the librarian studying and writing in the book. Darkly lit with candlelight. Evening shot with the light coming through the window. Shining on the book.

v The sky changes from day and night quickly – this is to show time to give the illusion of the librarian studying everyday. The librarian studies the bible every day. A routine that has been going on for many years. View of the lectern with the light through the window - evening shot - autumn amazing pinkie/orangey hue emphasizing shadow - Power shot of lectern and glimpse of the owl. Sound clock ticking with calendar months changing.

v Librarian looks at her watch - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a second

v Librarian yawns - 1 sec -Blacks out 8th of a sec

v Stretches her arms out

v Close the book to show title (Bible) Close up

v Climbs down the ladder Ariel shot of her climbing down

v …As she climbs down stretch her foot to find the next step…the step breaks and she manages to grab hold of the side of the lectern suspended hanging on to the edge. Camera shake as she grabs the lectern

v Close up of the owl steps out of the dark as his face begins to look shocked.

v She slides along touches the inkpotthe shimmer around bottle again…

v Close up of Inkpot as it wobbles perched on the edge it tips over… in slow motion to start fall. - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a second

v She knocks the inkpot and it starts to fall. Towards the screen getting larger and larger it finally covers the screen to a black out.

v Pause

v She begins to loose grip and one by one her finger slides off then she falls –

v Close up of face looking up scared Ariel view of her falling then fades out as she falls to the ground.

v Shot of owl eyes widening - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a sec

v Shot of owl Eyes wide open - alarmed! - 1 sec - Blacks out

v Bottle falls…she falls

v Bottle smashes 2d effect- 1 sec - blacks out 8th of a sec

v Ink Turn into doves. They fly up around her like a whirlwind and then the screen whites out as the doves protect her.

v Passage of bible

v Fades out to white

I thought it was important to have a script breakdown in this blog, for when referring back to references and comments in other posts. I am responsible for shots 1-3 personally.


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