Why is our team communication so important?

Communication is vital in the way our group works, it allows us to all stay on the same page, and ensure we all turn up at the right times, in the right places, with the right work done. other than this fact, communication is vital to us because of the nature of Leap of Faith, the project is very stylised piece of work, and communication is going to be essential in keeping the continuity running throughout the project, whether it be the way the props are modeled by different people, or the way the lighting is done throughout the project, we must ensure that every aspect of the collaborated work looks like it fits together.
It would be a massive mistake to disregard communication as non-important, it is well known that work by groups who have poor coordination, is generally worse than those with good communication, because the different parts of the work seem to belong separately rather than as a unity.

How are we communicating?
  • Email

Our teams main way of communicating is through Email, this is the best and fastest way to connect with all the individuals in the group. One email can reach many people, and we encourage each other within the group to check email regularly as it keeps us on task and up to speed with what's happening in the project.
The images of my emails throughout the year show a very regular contact between director and others within the group. Personally i feel that this is one of leap of faith's main strengths, and without this mount of communication, i feel we wouldn't be able to finish the film.

  • Scheduling/Shotgun

In the second term we were heavily encouraged to schedule using a software called Shotgun, it allowed each of the members of the group to participate in the same schedule, regularly updating and uploading your work to one main schedule hosted online. We were able to utilise this tool pretty well, i uploaded all of my current progress during the second term, this included all of the props i had modelled, this allowed the director to log on to the same schedule and view my work, ensuring i was up to date with work, and the work was of the standard that was needed. Below is a sceen shot of this tool.

We also utilized many other methods of communication. I found different methods of communication worked well for different people, for example, i find myself in constant contact with Depa via text- message and phone, however, if i need to contact Diogo or Alex at short notice, i am able to do this through Facebook or Skype.
  • Text message
  • Facebook
  • Skype

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